What We Solve

Billing errors cost healthcare providers over $17 billion each year. Physicians can find it difficult to efficiently manage billing and revenue cycles, especially in the face of denied claims.

Practices often don’t have the resources to properly manage their billing. This is where For Better Living comes in. Our trained teams can help you with Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), medical billing, coding, denial claims processes, financial management reports, and more.

By properly implementing revenue cycle management, you can expect to see a steady rise in profits due to the reduction in billing errors.

“Take care of the patient, and everything else will follow”

Thomas Frist, M.D.

Why We "Claim" to be the Best

Our expert team tracks down all unbilled accounts as well as rejections and appeals to make sure that your accounts are in perfect order. For Better Living takes charge of your collection needs so that you have a stronger chance at recovering what would have otherwise been lost revenue.

Our medical coding staff is trained to analyze your charts and reports in order to eliminate any chronic coding issues.

Our Promise To You


If your investment in us doesn't increase your bottom line, we'll give you your money back. That's how confident we are in our service to you!


Every encounter with our team will be met with the utmost respect and professionalism - especially throughout the collections process.


Simply put, you can count on us! Our team works around the clock to ensure that every step of the billing process is smooth and accurate.