How we contribute to your medical practice

Managing billing cycles can be a challenge for independent health care providers and clinics. This is where we come in! For Better Living ensures that your practice has an optimized billing process that will increase your overall bottom line. Our medical billing services can increase revenue due to enhanced practice management, claim submissions, and even practice audits.

Convenient and Efficient

Medical Coding

Our team takes care of the medical billing code process with high levels of accuracy and diligence.

Patient Information Entry

We enter all patient data, medical history, and information about diagnoses that you can easily retrieve any time.

Claims Submissions

We diligently take up both electronic and manual claims submissions to insurance companies.

About Our Medical Billing Services

What For Better Living Offers

Get the most practical and profitable billing solution by choosing to outsource to an experienced medical billing service company.

As a healthcare provider, you offer important services dedicated to patient care, and your billing process is what allows you to sustain your practice over time. Our job is to support that initiative and create an optimized revenue cycle through efficient medical billing services.

HIPAA Compliance

For Better Living adheres to all HIPAA requirements and makes sure that your practice is covered from top to bottom. We are especially cognizant of HIPAA requirements when it comes to the collection process as well. 

Claims Denial Management

Our denial management services will be sure to increase your bottom line. With our expert team, we guarantee a denial percentage of less than 10% – no exceptions. We diligently extend an extensive follow-up process on all denial claims regardless of the billing amount. 

Additional Services We Offer

Medical Claims Transmission

The medical billing process begins with your staff sending us a patient list, demographic details, and copies of insurance cards. Prior to sending the claims to the claims transmission department, they are filed for follow-up with all important information.

Accounts Receivable Follow Up

We oversee Accounts Receivables Follow-up‘s and minimize the number of days to collect which is a crucial piece of the medical billing process. For Better Living understands that payer processing times, payment policies and doc requirements are some of the best options for increasing revenue.

Payment Posting

Our payment posting service works after the adjudication of the claim from the payer. If the claim is processed for payment, then that payment will be issued to the provider from the insurance company.

AR Management

Extensive follow-ups are made to collect the outstanding accounts receivables (AR). Our regular telephonic and email follow-ups make sure that the AR collection time is reduced and there is an increase in revenue.

Fee Charges Entry

The medical fee charges of your practice and CPT and ICD-10 codes will be entered into the practice management system during this phase. 


Having to collect patient information along with verifying records and scheduling takes time away from your office staff responsibilities. Allocate your staff’s time toward other important initiatives that have a direct impact on your patients.

Insurance Verification

Our medical billing team will verify the insurance eligibility and benefits prior to receiving a pre-certification for procedures and diagnostic tests. Once this stage is cleared, the pre-certification is obtained.

Medical Coding

Our team takes care of the medical billing code process with high levels of accuracy and diligence.